Borzekowski, S. Schenk, and R. Peebles contributed to the statistical analysis. All of the authors were involved in study concept and design, acquisition of data, and the drafting of the article. The Internet offers Web sites that describe, endorse, and support eating disorders. We examined the features of pro—eating disorder Web sites and the messages to which users may be exposed. Few sites focused on eating disorders as a lifestyle choice. Thirty-eight percent of the sites included recovery-oriented information or links.

e-Ana and e-Mia: A Content Analysis of Pro–Eating Disorder Web Sites

I remember playing tag in the schoolyard with my friends and running around because I wanted to lose weight. I remember throwing out food. I was sexually abused by a family member from the age of five. It lasted until I was 12 and it has made me hate my body. Starving myself is a way to make it disappear, to vanish, to clean, purify and punish myself. Jade is 24 and lives in the North East of England.

unlike the thinspo trend, pro-ana boards provide a means of support to the suffering; this defense ix. LIST OF FIGURES. Figure. Page. 1 Screenshot of King_Josie’s Post. Junior year, I began dating a guy, a year older than me, from a very.

I have heard of pro-anorexic sites that are simply that. However I was wondering, are there any sites for the girls who are anorexic to date? Weird question, I know, just came up in my head today. Try going on a pro ana site google it and you’ll find plenty and look for s that are single. I don’t know of any pro ana dating sites though. Sure as heck hope not, the last thing we need out there is a site that encourages young girls not to eat.

If they are anorexic they need to work on themselves not dating. Trending News. Trump resumes rallies, ponders a Biden win. Historically all-white towns in U.

Are there any pro-anorexic dating sites online?

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Thread: girl i’m dating left her tab open on an anorexia site srs. Tell her she needs to lose weight. I’m sure she will definitely take it in a positive and rational way when you say you were stalking her internet history and want to talk about her mental disorder

This phenomenon can be traced to the blog site , which features sites labeled #pro-ana (pro-anorexia), among others. To this date.

Lucie Schwartz. Lucie is a French-American journalist and documentary filmmaker with a strong background in television production and international reporting. She is committed to producing content that promotes social change and elevates the status of women. Lucie lives in Los Angeles, where she has worked on a variety of documentary, television, and web projects. Lucie holds a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from New York University and a master’s degree in journalism and documentary filmmaking from UC Berkeley.

In her spare time, Lucie is committed to helping break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through service and education. In the fall of , she built a second school with the same organization in Nicaragua. Host a virtual screening.

Web Sites Celebrate a Deadly Thinness

Many of these groups have a loyal following and share tips on how to lose weight through severe calorie restriction and other habits. These habits can paradoxically be healthy for individuals who need to lose weight, but unhealthy for those with anorexia. Pro-ana groups can be a way for you to find a community of people living with anorexia. In your everyday life, it might be hard to find people who share similar feelings about their weight and body image.

exposed to into those that are illegal (e.g. child abuse content) and those which are inappropriate or harmful (e.g. pro-anorexia, bulimia and dating websites).

I got diagnosed with my eating disorder at the age of nine. I remember playing tag in the schoolyard with my friends and running around because I wanted to lose weight. I remember throwing out food in class. By the age of 10, I had already invented lies about food allergies. The disgust I felt towards my body developed during a period of abuse.

I was sexually abused by a family member from the age of five.

Donna Air used on eating disorder ‘pro-ana’ websites

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revealed that pro-ana users of the site tended to remain While in the domain of the online dating sites individuals are more closely monitored about.

Why are there no anorexic dating sites? Look as I might I could not really find any, it would have been easier to find a needle in a stack of needles than find a boney lovers dating site. Have you ever come across any, out of curiosity? Some people just have a certain body type and metabolism. Real women come in all shapes and sizes. Some like the slimmer lady with much less than an ample bust and booty and some like more meat on the bones with a killer cleavage.

Leanne syzygy I love women of all shapes, sizes and flavors. I just get tired of almost every model looking anorexic. For the most part, popular media look at women with curves as fat. I disagree, but I still love thin women also. I have to second Leanne here. MyNewtBoobs Just wondering, what exactly brings you to say what you did? Because from my perspective, there seems to be a LOT of backlash against ultra-skinny women and I never ever hear anybody describing that body type as beautiful or hot.

Everybody claims that these women are considered hot, but have you ever noticed that nobody ever actually seems to say that they personally find this body type appealing?

Despite their dangers, pro-anorexia forums have much to teach us

By Daily Mail Reporter. A teenage girl almost died after her weight plummeted to less than six stone as a result of an obsession with anorexia blogs. Despite eventually weighing less than six stone, internet posters would continually tell her that she was fat and needed to lose more weight.

I will now focus on pro-ana, since there has been very little research conducted on pro-mia to date. At first sight, the primary purpose of pro-ana sites seems to be the celebration and promotion of anorexia as a lifestyle. They frequently show.

Eating disorders are on the rise, and pro-anorexia sites only act to encourage dangerous behaviour. Research published this week found to websites which promote anorexia and bulimia, each receiving thousands of hits every day. We’ve seen and heard enough about ‘pro-ana’ websites to have a fair idea of what they are.

You may even have visited them out of curiosity or even as a ‘user’. I’ll spare the detail because part of the problem is that in reporting on this subject, many publications go a few steps too far and actually give away the absurd, stupid and often dangerous tips and messages that these websites unashamedly dish out to vulnerable visitors. It seems completely illogical for a ‘journalist’ to report on the extreme dangers of these websites and the behaviours that they encourage, only to illustrate their piece with images taken directly from the ‘thinspiration’ galleries of those websites — but somehow, many do and see no problem in or consequence of doing that.

I have always worried that bringing attention to pro-ana websites could be detrimental and actually provoke more people to visit the sites. I do know from my own research as much as I absolutely loathe to look at these sites that there seems to be an increasing demand on whoever runs these sites to provide visitors with both female and male ‘thinspiration’. It’s safe to say this is something which clearly has an impact on both sexes.

I have always been adamant that pro-ana sites do not cause eating disorders and found for the most part that most people I know who have or have had an eating disorder claimed not to have visited these sites; many not even having heard of thinspiration or any of those ridiculous quotes that go alongside them. You know the ones, and if you don’t, be glad. I was wrapped up in my own eating disorder and felt smug knowing that I wasn’t affected by those stupid websites because I was ill through my own doing and not easily influenced enough to be sucked into this pro-ana world

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