Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. I remember the first time I heard Shiloh Dynasty’s voice. It’s not just that Shiloh Dynasty’s voice is incredible, although it is—it’s that to hear it, you have to be searching. For me, the first time was in late December of This mellow, dream-like song called “I’m Sorry” by a producer named Swell came up on my SoundCloud feed during a hunt for new music. Producers on SoundCloud have developed supportive communities of like-minded peers, and they aggressively repost each other’s songs. This means that if you follow one plugged-in producer on SoundCloud, you inadvertently follow many. It can be annoying, but it often rewards those looking to discover new stuff. I pressed play, and I remember being immediately curious about the voice. In the description of Swell’s “I’m Sorry,” there was a link labeled “original” which led to a Vine post by a user named ShilohDynasty.

— My Ex Is Targeting My Spouse?

In this video, Onision explains that a girl named Veronika , a previous friend of his ex-fiance Shiloh, had written him an email trying to warn Onision and Lainey of Shiloh possibly contacting them. The entire basis of the email is written in speculation; Veronika makes various bizarre claims that Shiloh is still in love with Onision, refuses to get a tattoo of his name removed, and that Shiloh may potentially be targeting Lainey to get to Onision once again after five years of separation.

Here is the only response Shiloh has made in regards to the drama Veronika and Onision had attempted to jump-start. Something interesting that came up was Veronika claiming that she had never sent the email in the first place. Veronika is now vehemently denying any involvement whatsoever, despite the substantial amount of evidence pointing otherwise.

Potentially cheated on Shiloh with Adrienne and vice versa; Cheated on Ashley, knew her when he knew/was dating Tanisha. She broke it off.

Popular YouTuber Onision , also known as Gregory Jackson and James Jackson, has been accused of grooming, as well as emotional abuse and sexual coercion, by a number of alleged victims in recent years. Along with his husband Kai formerly known as Laineybot , who has also been accused of sharing allegedly explicit photos with underage girls, Jackson has repeatedly denied the allegations. The interviewees have included Canadian pop star Shiloh , who alleged that Jackson groomed her when she was underage until she was legally old enough to consent to sex.

After they began dating, Shiloh alleged Jackson regularly subjected her to bizarre forms of abuse, including shaving her head against her will and filming her seizures to share on YouTube rather than seeking medical attention for her. Another alleged victim, Sarah , claimed that Jackson and Kai, who at one point served as her legal guardians when she was struggling with her biological family, groomed her when she was underage and started a sexual relationship with her when she turned Several other alleged victims have also come forward, prompting Hansen to get in touch with the FBI.

Hansen claimed on his livestream that the FBI is actively investigating the couple. Meanwhile, both Jackson and Kai have denied all allegations against them. They are currently suing both Hansen and another YouTuber, Repzion, in civil court. After Hansen knocked on their door, the YouTubers contacted law enforcement. They have a bunch of camera people.

Controversial Youtubers: Onision

Shiloh was a Canadian pop singer with a Canadian platinum hit under her belt. Her first album debuted on the Canadian Albums Chart at number By the time Greg and Shiloh began talking, she was working on her second album. At this time, Greg’s Youtube career had been growing at a fast pace over the last year and the Onision channel had reached Youtube’s Top Most Subscribed List. She enjoyed his videos and contacted him.

Source The two became online friends.

She is now known by the stage name, “Doll.” Here is her Instagram profile: ᴅᴏʟʟ (@shegoesbydoll) • Instagram photos and videos Official Facebook profile.

They can commit horrific crimes, and according to Psychology Today , both show a disregard for the rights of others as well as the law. First, according to Psychology Today once again, while sociopaths are more prone to outbursts and rage, they can still form an attachment towards a person or a group while having no concern about anyone else.

The website describes a psychopath as a person who is unable to form a real relationship with anyone, are very predatory and aggressive in nature, yet they can come across on the surface as charming. This explains how Onision was able to get a strong fan base at the beginning of his career. When he wants to, he can come across as a feminist and as someone who genuinely cares about the overall health of others. Yet, as his career on YouTube has continued, the real Greg has come been slowly coming out.

Greg is known for showing teenage girls in their underwear on his channel in order for him to rate their attractiveness. Also, Greg dated his now-spouse when she was seventeen and he was well past the age of eighteen. While Greg was dating his now ex-girlfriend Shiloh, there was a point in time in which she had a seizure. Instead of calling an ambulance, he filmed the whole thing and uploaded it to YouTube.

I wish I could like Shilohs new music

Haters United is on the job!!! Tantaga: youtube. Shiloh and Skye are two different people. One is not better than the other. It is, also, none of our busines.

April 12, Jackson introducers Shiloh Hoganson in a video uploaded to his Onision Speaks channel. He states that they are dating.

Subscriber Account active since. This is nothing new. Though now, it seems, the controversial personality is watching himself become the digital pariah of the year and reacting accordingly. Chris Hansen, known best for the popular television show “To Catch a Predator,” has found a new home on YouTube and his first task is unfolding the story of Onision allegedly grooming underage fans with the aid of his spouse Kai Avaroe, known previously as Lainey.

Onision originally became famous for making a parody video called Banana Song I’m a Banana that gained traction after being shown on the television show “Tosh. The video, with over 77 million views as of the writing of this article, is simply Onision jumping around screaming in a banana suit — but it was enough to skyrocket him to mid-level internet fame. These days Onision is best known for his objectifying content and controversial reputation.

He rates pictures that women submit to him, gives his opinions on their bodies , and comments on other YouTubers. Onision’s content often leaves viewers with a particular ick-factor. Onision has been profoundly disliked by the YouTube community for years , despite maintaining millions of subscribers across his multiple channels. There have been many calls to remove Onision from the platform completely, though no action has ever officially been taken.

Is Onision’s Personality More Like a Psychopath or a Sociopath?

Poor little guy has lied so many times he can remember the truth. This can include ignoring phone calls, text messages, VMs etc.. They will then tell their partner that if they want to get back together, they must agree to certain conditions. This is where the control comes into play. These manipulation breakups typically occur several times throughout the relationship. Now I will say this: Onion man’s daughter falling out of the window was the first time I’ve ever heard about his kids, which

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Hey guys, Onisatsu18 here back with another rant. This is the first official rant of Technically, the Zarna Joshi rant is, but she was a topic. So what you can tell from this behaviour, is that Onision is a huge bigot. Yes, this loser actually thought it was good idea to go in military. But because, fucking spoilers here, you actually have to learn to survive in the military, one of the disciplines was how to kill a wabbit.

But, Greg dumb as shit actually refused, which ended up getting him stationed in South Korea. If it had been Best Korea he would probably have learned a thing or two about right from wrong. After having served, this crybaby started his YouTube channel as a way of dealing with all the emotional distress he had to bear. But it is all a lie, and he was kicked off for other reasons, that are not known.

They probably realized that he was too mental to ever much of a faggot be in the military. To sum it up, the cuck joined the military, was too much of a pussy to do survival training, and was stationed in South Korea as a demotion, I guess. Wow, what a fucking loser. What tool of death, you fucking moron?!

When will YouTube ban Onision?

By using iFunny you agree to our Privacy policy. We and our partners operate globally and use cookies, including for analytics. App Store. Google Play. Okay so let me explain to you why this man is a sociopath.

Date Unknown, Greg’s Onision channel becomes one of the top most subscribed channels on YouTube. April, Shiloh turns

A timeline dedicated to Greg’s relationships throughout his adult life. Kai’s timeline has been broken off into a separate article for clarity. Skye notices Greg for the first time in their high school computer class. Greg did not notice her. Skye is a year younger than Greg. Greg and Skye begin a relationship. Skye’s younger sister, Netunesa gets intoxicated at a party at age According to her, Greg sat next to her and tried to kiss her. Greg makes a blog post addressing someone called “Sabi,” who is believed to be Skye’s mother.

The response came from Sabi allegedly telling Skye to “be careful” around Greg because of his anger.

Why Onision is Wrong (W.O.W) — I follow Shiloh on Instagram and can confirm she’s…

Crazy relationships, outspoken opinions, 2edgy4u humor. Was once making over a million a year through Youtube, but has since drastically dropped in viewership. Currently trying to ignore the recent allegations while milking Patreon. Started obsessively tweeting Greg as a fan in

Most of you know of Onision as a popular YouTuber who has made several relationship prior to Kai, which was with a girl name Shiloh.

Your web-browser is very outdated, and as such, this website may not display properly. Please consider upgrading to a modern, faster and more secure browser. Click here to do so. Shiloh was another example of Greg dating a fan. One video that Greg took of her there are actually multiple, but this ones the most popular she lost three years of her life due to PTSD. At first, I thought this video was fake.

I thought Greg was doing it because it would get him more popularity because drama attracts people. When someone is having a seizure, whether you know the cause or not, you need to take them to the hospital.

The Mystery of Shiloh Dynasty, The Beautiful Voice All Over XXXTENTACION’s ’17’

Table of Contents: 1. The letter Adrienne wrote that was released, with some parts she requested be blocked out. And watching. He gave me his e-mail and the rest is YouTube history. He texted me later the next day, asking me to Skype with him when I got home from work and I agreed.

Shiloh Hoganson (born April 25, ), previously known mononymously as Shiloh and allegations of child grooming and abuse were levied at James Jackson, a former partner of Shiloh, more widely known as Onision on YouTube.

Every time Billie breaks up with them, he begins love bombing Lainey again. This screenshot was taken only two days after he had cheated on Lainey with Billie the first time:. He is careful not to do this overtly on Twitter or Instagram like he does with Lainey, but during this time, he expends much more effort into communicating with Billie over Twitter and in videos than he does with Lainey.

Over-protection and isolation in the name of love. He also did this with Skye while they were still married, restricting her from seeing anybody but members of his own family, and members of her family that he approved of which was basically just her younger sister. A quote from his website at the time:. This got so bad that eventually, two of their friends actually tried to convince Skye to leave him:. Power gained by social isolation and artificially inflated self-esteem.

Greg has claimed this about every single one of his exes. The entire Adrienne letter can be read here. Restrictive control of resources and activities enforced by induction of guilt, or fear of anger.

Shiloh Hoganson

Whoever said that Women can NOT be sexual predators is dead wrong on multiple levels. Predatory behavior does NOT discriminate against anyone. A grown woman going after young boys is just as disgusting and vile as a grown man preying on teenage girls. Sometimes these predators and pedophiles have big platforms on social media and other video streaming sites like youtube.

Throughout his YouTube career, Onision (Gregory Daniel Jackson) has While Greg was dating his now ex-girlfriend Shiloh, there was a point.

Is this new info? Elaine was his dead middle name, right? Edit: Link to the article. Is he going to sell the Dahvie Vanity story too? Anonymous asked: I didn’t know Sarah had dropped out of highschool and was doing ‘online courses’ back when she was living at the Onion mansion. I get she probably had her reasons, but to be isolated from school and proper education to consequently live with those two drama filled idiots was not a good substitute for Sarah whatsoever. How Lainey or Greg were willing to support and endorse this is beyond me Today is her birthday.

She is 18 and now a legal adult. Lainey can change the status from being a supposed legal guardian as she once claimed to being her legal girlfriend now. Heard through the grape vine that onision talked extensively about his childhood last night including some info about a secondary childhood head injury not just the church pew story and some pets, one of which his mother injured and was disabled for life.

Anyone interested in screenshots? Source stated he also posted the letter of the friend who died, and some old fanart.

How Shiloh Met Greg

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