By Kedibone Modise Feb 26, Smollett, an openly gay African-American actor who plays a gay character on the US drama series, informed the Chicago police that two men shouted racist and homophobic slurs before they put a rope around his neck. The initial news of the alleged assault sparked outrage on social media but recent reports of Smollett faking the attack to benefit his career caused a serious meltdown. The video that went viral caused a debate on social media, with Mabena being bashed and the campaign receiving mixed reactions, especially regarding its impact. However, many concluded that Maphumulo was merely looking for a career boost instead of a partner. Entertainment Celebrity News. Smollett was charged with disorderly conduct and filling a false police report when he said he was attacked in downtown Chicago by two men who hurled racist and anti-gay slurs and looped a rope around his neck, a police official said. Ever wondered about how far celebrities are prepared to go to advance their career and promote their brand?


Jul 13, pm By Maria Pasquini. Nobody knows for sure who each piece of gossip is about. It tells the story of an aspiring Hollywood publicist named Nicola who happens to run into a very hot, very A-list celebrity at a party for a disgraced former child star. Love, chaos, and run-ins with the paparazzi ensue. But luckily there were some things they were willing to tell us. Like why celebrities are more boring than they were 20 years ago, how studios force movie stars to use social media, and how to tell if a celebrity relationship is fake or real.

Why It’s So Easy for Any Celebrity to Date Any Other Celebrity. By Lindsey Weber and Bobby Finger. Sept 12, AM. Tweet · Share · Comment. Jennifer.

Sometimes celebrities really like each other and other times they totally fake their relationships for publicity. Here are 8 celebrities who we think faked their relationships for media attention:. When Howard Stern later asked him about his relationship with the reality TV star, Steve-O admitted that it was a publicity stunt. It was a big publicity stunt. She would come pick me up. I think she called the paparazzi too.

These muther effers were coming from all directions. I want to be in the tabloids! Yeah, we totally thought their relationship was a PR stunt.

Celebs who’ve been accused of a fake relationship

Check out these 10 publicity stunts that are forever burned in the brains of fans around the world. Click here – to use the wp menu builder Click here – to use the wp menu builder. Where Are They Now? Want More? Sign Up for Our Newsletter!

Celebrity, Publicity, and the Making of a PR-Friendly Feminism Bryce about the feminist label was titled “Taylor Swift Dishes on Her New Album ‘Red,’ Dating.

Throughout the years, the general public has become increasingly more interested in celebrity couples, and they follow them religiously through the tabloids and on social media. From the second that rumors begin to swirl until their inevitable end, these celebrity couples take the world by storm, especially when it involves two people that are at the top of the industry.

Nicknames are given, stories are released and the people in these relationships receive more coverage than they could have ever asked for. As much as we would like to believe that there is true love in Hollywood, the truth us that it is the place that manufactures dreams. Many celebrities that hop into a power couple are usually doing so for publicity.

Rare is it to see a Hollywood couple actually in love, but it does happen occasionally. Today, we are going to look at a bunch of couples that were fake, and just a few of the real ones. When it was announced that Nina Dobrev was dating Derek Hough, most people simply were not buying it. The couple seemed more like friends than anything, and there were rumors that this was done simply as an attempt to get the public to think that Derek was a straight man.

Given the fact that these two individuals are two of the most powerful celebs in the world, people lost it when it seemed like they were an item. This was nothing more than publicity , as the pair was simply making some music together. Talk about making something out of nothing.

Bad fauxmance: when celebrity couples become PR stunts

Over the years, many iconic celebrity relationships have come out of the woodworks. Brad and Angelina wowed us all with their charity work and their unbelievable attractiveness, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson gave us newlywed blues on their reality show, Seal and Heidi Klum gave us model realness within their marriage, and Chris Pratt and Anna Faris made us believe in superheroes and super love.

Yet, when these relationships all came to an end, we all felt as if our own hearts had been broken, and that we had all been dumped. Could they have deceived us all along?

“Celebs do not form even 1 per cent of our clientele. However, with fashion blogs on the prowl, celebrities wearing our clothes get us the clients we need,” said.

I don’t know why this has happened to me. I work hard and I’m dedicated, but overall I’m totally surprised. What did I do to deserve this? Entertainment and sports celebrities are the leading players in our Public Drama. We tell tales, both tall and cautionary, about them. We monitor their comings and goings, their missteps and heartbreaks. We copy their mannerisms, their styles, their modes of conversation and of consumption. Whether or not celebrities are “the chief agents of moral change in the United States,” n3 they certainly are widely used — far more than are institutionally anchored elites — to symbolize individual aspirations, group identities, and cultural values.

In December , for example, shortly before the outbreak of the Gulf War, a story circulated in Washington that President Bush had boasted to a congressional delegation that Saddam Hussein was “going to get his ass kicked. Instead, he hitched up his pants in the manner of John Wayne. Everyone got the point.

The fact that celebrities haul so much semiotic freight in our culture has a number of important consequences.

Showmancing is the next new dating trend, but what exactly is it?

Fans can go a little nuts for celebrity couples, but you know what makes people more than a little nuts? When a Hollywood love story isn’t what it seemed. Because while love does exist for those with a little fame to their name, some are in it for publicity. It may be a small price to pay for an upcoming movie or TV show, or simply a way of distracting from other stories. Either way, what you see shouldn’t always be believed.

Rick Ross and Lira Galore are already back together after less than a two week breakup, spurring rumors that the whole thing was just a big publicity stunt.

However, even if this is the case, Kim is not the first and will certainly not be the last celebrity to have married for publicity — although hers may be amongst the shortest marriage publicity stunts to come to our attention! In actual fact, whilst some people see marriage as a means of commitment to the one you love, others see it more as a convenience.

In centuries gone by, royal marriages were usually nothing to do with love but were carried out to create alliances. In the same way, some celebrities do not get married because of undying love but because they want to form a strong celebrity alliance that will raise their profile and give them more clout in the world of celebrity.

Some celebrity marriages that have been dubbed publicity stunts in the past include:. Britney Spears : Whilst she was still riding high in the world of celebrity at the time, some believe that the songstress decided to wed a childhood friend in Vegas, completely out of the blue, as a publicity stunt. She married Jason Allen Alexander in Vegas when she was just twenty two years old, and in a turn of events that would even put Kim K to shame, the marriage was annulled just fifty five hours later!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt : When this pair married a couple of years ago there was a lot of speculation over whether this was a publicity stunt. However, in Heidi filed for divorce although called this off later on in the year. Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman : When the model and TV star married the basketball star, rumours of a publicity stunt were soon circulating. The pair married in Vegas in and within ten days plans for a divorce were underway.

Just months later the couple was officially divorced. Rick Salomon : This serial celebrity dater is a film producer and the owner of online gambling sites.

The Craziest Publicity Stunts Celebs Were Crazy Enough To Pull

On the surface, the pair make a lot of sense: Swift, the most successful pop star on the planet, Hiddleston, a very British actor in a very successful franchise. She’s tall, he’s tall. Neither of them can dance.

Do you think a lot of the time celebrities get divorced for the publicity? 1, Views Can celebrities date their fans? Is it wrong? 9, Views. Other Answers​.

When paparazzi pictures emerged recently of singer Shawn Mendes with his arms around fellow singer Camila Cabello, their respective fan bases went bananas. Though the long-term friends refused to confirm or deny the relationship, they were then spotted kissing and holding hands in public throughout July including a rather unsettling public pash session at a San Francisco cafe.

Yes, another millennial music power couple had somehow found each other in the glare of the spotlight. VMAs pic. While die-hard fans continue to how do the kids say it? Staged relationships, or ‘promances’ public relations romances , are hardly a new phenomenon in Hollywood. As celebrity publicist Jack Ketsoyan told Mamamia ‘s daily news podcast, The Quicky , managers and PR teams have been crafting fake love stories for decades in order to benefit their clients’ careers.

He noted that, in the early days, when Hollywood and audiences were more closed-minded to LGBT stars, gay actors would be paired with an up-and-coming actress as a sort of ‘cover’.

We Weren’t Ready! 44 Celebrity Breakups We Never Saw Coming

Most celebrities are extremely public figures. We know almost everything about them and their lives. We follow their lives in newspapers, online and on TV. We know all the latest gossip pertaining to them and most of us discuss them and their lives with our friends.

Are you a small business owner struggling to get to the next level? No matter what business you own, I can teach you how to become a business celebrity.

Geordie Shore’s Chantelle Connelly shows off new bum following surgery. If we said we weren’t partial to the odd Twilight movie on a hangover day every now and again we’d be telling a bitter, bitter lie. So the news that Edward Cullen was dating Bella Swan IRL delighted the little hearts of many ourselves maybe included — obviously deep down we knew it was probably a publicity stunt, but we were still very excited. Speaking to T Magazine , she said: “People wanted me and Rob to be together so badly that our relationship was made into a product.

And that was gross to me. Kristen also had some very cute things to say about her girlfriend in the interview, saying: “I love her so much. Sorry, this feature isn’t working right now. Celebrity Style. Heat Magazine Subscriptions. Prev Next.

For brands and designers, it’s free publicity when celebrities wear their ware

Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole are stoking relationship rumors all over the place, but some One Direction fans are convinced that their romance is a ruse. While they’re the only ones who can confirm or deny their romance, that hasn’t stopped people from talking. However, they’re not the only couple to face criticism for allegedly “faking” their relationship.

1 Carmen Electra And Dennis Rodman.

If you’re anything like us, social media can feel like you’re swimming in a sea of happy couples. You know, that couple whose whole grid is basically the same picture of them in different locations? Or the girl whose boyfriend is always treating her to stuff but we never see his face? And while this is just something that we’re all used to, like every other dating trend see: fleabagging , whelming and zombieing now it actually has a name: showmancing.

Plus, now that almost every couple we know has moved in together during lockdown , so-called showmancing has gone through the roof, and we’re seeing endless bike rides and couples cooking videos up and down our feeds. But what exactly is showmancing, how can you spot it, and are we all actually subconsciously doing it?

Top 10 Celebrity Relationships That Seemed Like Publicity Stunts

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